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We understand how much of yourself you devote to your business.

You have outside interests and personal goals you aspire to accomplish, and your business is critical to realizing those dreams.

Our business consulting services help you plan effectively to fulfill the ultimate goal - balance in your work and your life.

Growing Your Business

You do not have to choose between expanding your company or maximizing your personal time. You can and should do both. We offer quarterly coaching sessions and a collection of planning tools that will help you navigate concurrent personal and business growth.

Business Succession Planning

It is never too early to create a succession plan. You’ve invested your time, talents, energy and money into your business. It is critical that you have a plan in place ready to implement whenever the time is right for your situation. Our 40+ years of experience can provide expertise and guidance through this planning process.

KOLBE™ Consulting

KOLBE™ is a measurement that identifies a person’s conative strengths – the way a person takes action and makes decisions. Our certified KOLBE consultant can conduct these evaluations for your company and interpret the implications for you and your team.

Business Consulting and Kolbe offered by Keating & Associates, Inc. and is not a service offered by Raymond James. 

Talk with an advisor

An advisor can help position your business for a confident future.

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Connect with our staff

The most dedicated staff in the business. 

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