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Key Employee Benefits

Small business owners know the value of retaining every employee. However, the contributions of a select few might be especially critical to the company’s well-being. Benefits offerings for these invaluable individuals can help you not only attract but retain them. We are here to help tailor key employee benefit plans that work for them, and for your business.

We have the benefit of experience in these areas here at Keating and Associates, as well as the ability to be innovative and creative when seeking a solution for you.

Life Insurance

Life insurance can be so much more than a death benefit.

Key Benefits

In addition to protecting your business by compensating you at the loss of a key employee, it can be used to fund supplemental retirement plans and salary continuation plans – appealing benefits to employees or prospective employees. Because these benefits are funded through an insurance package, they are tax-advantaged, which benefits all parties. We can help you design a plan that is suitable for everyone.

Disability Insurance

Key employees need to know that they will be taken care of should they become disabled. For most employees, the immediate risk of disability is even greater than the risk of death. Through well-designed disability plans, we can help mitigate the loss of business growth as the result of losing a key employee to a disability, while ensuring that the employee and his or her family are protected.

Deferred Compensation

If you’re looking to retain key employees and eventually reward them for years of dedicated service, setting aside additional compensation for a future date is a great benefit. We tailor deferred compensation plans that target your employee’s interests and help to ensure you have the money to pay them when the time comes. The promise of tax-deferred supplemental benefits can be a key to ensuring that your most valued employees stay with you for the long haul.

Long-Term Care Insurance

One of the most flexible employee benefits — long-term care insurance — can be offered to a select group of your employees allowing you, in some cases, to deduct the entire cost of the premium. By providing financial assistance to fund expenses for assisted living, nursing care or home healthcare, this benefit can help protect against the need to use the employee’s assets – funds which may be depleted by the cost of healthcare when faced with a chronic health condition.

Insurance services may be offered through Keating and Associates, Inc. or Raymond James.

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