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Bettie Zimmerman

Financial Advisor, RJFS
Licensed Insurance Agent, K&A

Bettie Zimmerman

About Bettie

After competing in track and field and studying financial mathematics at the University of Michigan, Bettie relocated to Manhattan to train professionally with the track & field coach at Kansas State University. She placed 4th in the 2012 Olympic trials and the following year, decided it was time to hang up her running shoes to start exploring her next track. In 2014, Bettie joined Keating & Associates as a Pension Administrator to shift focus back to her financial studies background. After becoming a Lead Pension Administration, Bettie desired to deepen interpersonal relationships and increase personal connection with others. Thus, Bettie transitioned to a Financial Advisor role.

Bettie is utmost appreciative of the team-oriented culture that Keating has built and their willingness to share their experience and expertise for the betterment of others, as well as the family-oriented nature of the company. She views the senior leadership of the firm – all with children of their own – as great role models and believes their leadership demonstrates that a healthy work/life balance is achievable. Bettie enjoys working with individuals and families who wish find a relatable balance in order to shift focus from financial worries to pursuing passions and aspirations.

Bettie lives in Manhattan, KS with her competitive barbecuing husband, Sam, and their daughter, Nylah. They have a German shepherd lab mix named Trevor, and her family enjoys traveling around the state to participate in various barbecue competitions.

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